EC-135 Search and Recovery

On March 30th 2011 a helicopter of the Austrian Police crashed into lake Achensee/Tyrol and disappeard. Sadly, all four crew members perished. One victim was drifting in the water and recovered. SANDY AIR CORP. arrived at the crash site in the evening of the same day. Some two hours later, SANDY AIR had localized the wreckage by side scan sonar in a depth of 104 meters (some 310ft). Over the following two days, SANDY AIR CORP., assisted and supported by the Austrian Police, the Wasserrettung of Salzburg and Tirol, the Feuerwehr and others, was able to find and recover the bodies of the three other victims.

Preparations were made and a week later, SANDY AIR CORP. and its divers led by Manfred Führmann, assisted by the Austrian Police, the COBRA and the Austrian army salvaged succesfully the wreckage of the helicopter of the typ EC-135 as well as all of the important storage devices which had been separated from the fuselage during the crash.